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The journey to discovering the benefits of natural health started from childhood. My father died at age 51 of stomach cancer in 1960 and my family has many memories of mom making carrot juice trying to heal his cancer. That's probably where the search for healthy living began. Many times mom would try healthy eating techniques with the whole family, all fruits, vegetables, juices, but nothing stuck – Many times in early adulthood I remember hearing, “you are what you eat” and by that time I just thought it was an ignorant, foolish statement. But no, I was the one ignorant and foolish.

After nurses training and 40 plus years of nursing experience, multiple life experiences, coutless hours of research, seminars and study, the belief that we can live disease free if we treat our bodies right has won out! God has given us the amazing gift of life and how sad to destroy that gift with an unhealthy life style. Living healthy naturally really makes sense! It's reasonable! We ARE what we eat!!

Our passion for this website is to provide quality, healthy products to promote healthy living and information and ideas for natural and alternative therapies. Our goal at Recover Health Pro is to walk beside you and encourage you in your journey to recover your health.


To all of you, from all of us at RecoverHealthPro.com - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Joyce Watkins.


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