Are You the Right Candidate for Body Contouring Procedures?

Are You the Right Candidate for Body Contouring Procedures?

Plastic surgery can change a person’s life. However, some people get carried away with procedures. Some celebrities, for instance, have so much surgery, that they lose the point. Instead of looking younger or refreshed, they appear artificial, and in some cases, almost ghoulish. That is why you need to approach surgery with the right expectations. Too much of anything – including plastic surgery – can reap unwanted results.

Deciding on a Plastic Surgery Procedure

By reviewing the services of the best plastic surgeons in Brisbane, you can enhance your appearance and feel better about yourself. You just need to take an inventory of what you feel you need. Plastic surgery options abound. Therefore, you need to discover the treatments that will work the best for you.

You can categorise plastic surgery procedures under four main areas, such as weight loss, breast surgery, facial and neck surgery, and the skin. Another specialised category covers women who wish to receive post-pregnancy procedures.

Schedule a Mummy Makeover

If you have had a baby and would like a “mummy makeover,” you can choose from various procedures in the aforementioned four categories. Perhaps you would like to address the extra fat on your abdomen or you wish to have your breasts enhanced. You can do so while enjoying motherhood. If you choose post-pregnancy procedures, they usually will include a breast uplift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation combined with abdominoplasty.

Maybe you would like to learn more about abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck after weight loss. A tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen. The treatment tightens the muscles of the abdomen, which makes them tauter.

Flattening the Toning the Stomach

Tummy tucks are performed using a general anaesthetic and require about a three to four-day hospital stay. The length of scarring will depend on the length of the incision and the looseness of the abdominal skin. Plastic skin or a micropore tape supports wound healing so scarring is finer and less noticeable.

How a Body Lift Can Help

Weight loss patients also find a body lift to be helpful, especially if they cannot realise toning through exercise alone. A body lift often interests women who regularly work out or who are participating in a dietary plan.  Patients who have undergone gastric restrictive surgeries, such as lap band surgery, may be interested in a body lift as will. Also, women who wish to get rid of post-pregnancy weight gain may find a body lift helpful to them.

A body lift procedure is performed using general anaesthesia. For the best results, a plastic surgeon may employ a combination of surgical lifts and liposuction treatments. The incisions that are made are closed with skin tapes, skin adhesives, or sutures to reduce the looks of scars.

You can change the way you feel and look. Just do not go overboard when making procedure choices. By working with a reliable plastic surgeon, you will receive the best treatment for you. If you would like to know more about body contouring or facial plastic surgery, review the plastic surgery offerings in your local area. The more you know about plastic surgery procedures, the easier it will be to decide what treatment is right for you.